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More Than A Mandate

Occupational counseling and organizational programs that address mental health issues in the workplace are receiving greater attention as the concern over rising instances of emotional imbalance affect the population. One of the greater recognitions for affective work assistance programs comes not through the ADA , but rather through companies realizing that investing in employees not only promotes productivity, but is also reflective of company ethics. Some organizations are also taking the approach that the hierarchy of the workplace itself is a contributor to mental health concerns.

Support Shared Is A Burden Lessened

Adolescents face a number of stressors that are often a result of social and psychological development. Many people consider emotional outbursts and mood shifts as part of this transitional age, but some youths are experiencing emotions that could be signs of deeper issues. In truth, many conditions that may become apparent during adolescence are manageable, but the longer they are left unaddressed, the harder it may become for the individual.

The Keys To Good Mental Health Management In The Workplace

Suffering from mental illness is a challenge every single day, and while medication, therapy, and other treatments will help, there are sure to be days when it can be hard to keep focused and overcome the mental health challenges you face. For many, a career helps to keep the mind on something healthy and going to work regularly can actually help with recovery by giving each day a purpose and by making sure your mind is constantly engaged.

The Working Well Together 5 Year Plan Comes To A Close

Working Well Together has accomplished a tremendous amount over the years, and the program has gained attention due to the positive impact it has had in the lives of many. Now, with the end of the 2009-2014 5 year plan approaching quickly – June 30th being the official final day of the plan – it is time to not only look back on what the Working Well Together initiative has accomplished, but also on what the future holds for those involved and those who are impacted by it.

Mental Illness As A Parent

For many parents, their children are their lives. They'll do anything to keep them safe and protect them. However, the unfortunate truth is that when mental illness grips someone, it also becomes their lives – often without them even realizing it. When serious mental illness occurs – from schizophrenia to depression to bipolar disorder and beyond – it can sometimes put a child at risk. However, this doesn't mean that a parent will lose their child forever.