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Alternative Medicine And Autism

Autism has been on the rise in recent years as it has never been before, and parents all across the world are being faced with providing proper care to their autistic children no matter where they may fall along the spectrum. Along with traditional medical methods, many parents are turning to CAM to assist their children in improving with their illness, and CAM refers to complementary and alternative medicines.

It’s Time To Put An End To Mental Illness Criminalization

When one looks at statistics, the amount of mentally ill individuals within the justice system is alarming. One surprising fact is that as many as 1 in 5 people currently in the justice system in the United States, whether jail or prison, have been diagnosed with a mental illness, and this number rises to nearly 70% when looking at juveniles in detention centers. Rather than providing the ill with proper care, as a person with cancer would receive chemotherapy or a person with diabetes would receive insulin along with regular visits with their medical care professionals, the mentally ill are often criminalized and placed within the justice system rather than with a doctor who can provide them with the tools and medications they may need to improve their condition.

Relationships And Mental Illness

For those suffering from mental illnesses, holding healthy romantic relationships with others can be difficult. Knowing just when to disclose the illness, and how to disclose the illness, can be a source of anxiety for many, as it is not guaranteed that a prospective partner will be able to understand. A budding relationship going smoothly, and then abruptly changing course after the disclosure of the illness, is an all too familiar experience for those living with a vast array of mental illnesses, making the thought of going in to the dating game one that often causes a great deal of anxiety.

Mental Illness Is Not A Reach For Attention

Mental illnesses are difficult to understand for those who may not have them, and often it can appear that an individual who is actually suffering looks perfectly healthy to those surrounding them. For this reason, we at NAMI often hear that these folks are simply reaching for attention, and that their illnesses are downplayed by their friends, co-workers, family, or simply those they love. In order to understand that mental illness is very real and causes great distress to those suffering, one must first put into perspective just what having a mental illness may be like.

Patience And Understanding The Human Brain

The human brain is a complex and difficult to understand organ still being decoded by medical science today, and this is where mental illnesses manifest themselves and become part of an individual’s daily life. Medical professionals across the world are recognizing that the human brain must be better understood in its entirety when it comes to realizing and recognizing mental illnesses and the best ways to treat them, and this understanding is requiring patience as well as a realization of its utmost importance to society. Brain based illnesses cause a great impact to society in many ways, and the only way to lessen this impact is to learn more about the brain in an effort to provide solutions for the myriad of mental illnesses out there today.