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Mental Illness Is Still A Crime In Some Cases

In the early 1900s throughout much of that century, mental illness was a stigma and a condition that wasn't understood. In fact, in many instances around the world it was considered a crime. Even in cases where it wasn't considered to be a crime, it was still punished like one with confinement in prisons or in psych wards that would conduct barbaric 'treatments' on patients.

Suicide Prevention Begins With Us All

While September is National Suicide Prevention Month, this problem is something that deserves attention no matter the time of year. Suicide has become a major public health crisis, and it affects a huge range of citizens in this country. One group that has experienced an alarming rise in suicide rates is college students. In fact, suicide is the second leading cause of death for students in college. Despite this, it's often a taboo topic that many people want to keep hidden or ignore outright.

A New Documentary Highlights A Unique Way Of Healing

Art has played a major role in our society for centuries, and the oldest forms of communication and self-expression are works of arts painted on caves in Neolithic times. Today's art crosses many borders and can encompass a wide variety of things. However, what many people don't realize is that art can be used as one of the best forms of healing available to those suffering from mental illness.

Is Your Health Insurance Right For You?

Over the last decade, health insurance has been a prominent fixture in the news. Coverage has been expanded, and the idea is for all Americans to get coverage in some form as soon as possible. The focus is on helping ensure that everyone is able to afford their health care, and that goes for those with mental health issues as well. Theoretically, it should be a fairly straightforward thing. But recent studies have found that it's not always the case. In fact, many people have coverage that doesn't really fit their needs – and they might not even realize it.

Visible Honor For Invisible Wounds Highlights A Major Problem

Our nation is defended by brave troops who may give their all for the country. However, those who return home from the battlefield carry with them scars that are physical and mental, and it's often difficult to deal with those wounds. Despite being highlighted in various news reports and even being the focus of major motion pictures, post-traumatic stress disorder – PTSD – is still an issue that many Americans choose to ignore.